During the festive season, spending becomes second nature. Christmas and presents walk together, don’t they? Unless you are ten and still attending elementary school, the money for presents is coming right out of your pocket. Let’s not forget the universal rule of wearing a nice, often new, dress to the Christmas party. That will cost at least a few bucks even if you manage to get a good deal. Little expenses here and there quickly add up. So, how do you avoid overspending? How do you manage with a low budget in the festive season? Here are 5 simple tricks to help you out.

1. Shop Online


You may get a new dress for $16 at an online store and see the same dress at $30 at a local shop. Don’t be surprised, it’s a fact. By shopping online, you get to use vouchers, coupons, and discount codes. Plus, you usually get a larger variety of outfits to choose from. You may take your own time and make your selection at leisure. The best part is that your purse does not even suffer as much as it would at the mall.

2. Recycle clothes


Who says you have to wear a new dress to the party? As long as nobody figures out you’ve had the dress for months or even years, I don’t see any problem there. That’s where clothes recycling comes in. It is so easy, practical and fun many people choose to recycle their clothes instead of spending on new ones. You can simply reduce the length of the dress, do some embroidery, add beads or wear it with a different leggings or scarf. Changing your long sleeves tops to short sleeves one, or giving it an over-the-shoulder style also works wonders.

3. Gift Exchange Game


If there are 5 friends in your gang and you have to buy each one of them a present costing $20, that’s a total amount of $100. You can easily save $80 by asking everyone to join in the gift exchange game. The rule is simple. You write each of your names on a piece and paper and put it in a ballot box. Then, each of you picks one piece of paper. That way, you all have to buy only one gift for the person whose name you picked. Everyone still gets his present and all is good in the end. This game, although it helps save some cash, is a fun way to spice up Christmas gift tradition.

4. Become partner hosts


The time when one person had to host all the guests is gone. Everyone has his own busy life nowadays. Plus, why should one single person bear the cost of the whole party? Partner up with your friends and family members so that everyone contributes to the party. The financial burden does not fall on one person and everyone feels that he did his share of work. Do not limit the partnership only to finances. Enjoy your time arranging for the party together, inviting guests, doing the food tasting and devouring the cake.

5. Skip vacations abroad


If you have a family tradition of traveling abroad during the festive season, just know that it need not always be this way. There are often many interesting places in our own country that we are oblivious to. Instead of looking at foreign places of interest on TripAdvisor, try searching within your own country. You might be surprised. At half the cost, you can get to stay at a pleasant hotel and enjoy activities far from home. Give it a try and you might not want to travel out of the country for holidays again.

Here’s the deal…

Whatever you do, you will find yourself spending on Christmas. However, you really do not need to overindulge in order to enjoy a fun Christmas. These 5 simple tricks will help you celebrate Christmas without having to worry about your next payday. Notice how you are not required to completely cut out any of the usual celebrations.

If you have more tricks to help us save some money this December, feel free to share with us in a comment below.