Even with so-called budget airlines, little add-ons here and there quickly make you realize the ticket cost is not as low as the airline would like you to think. Budget airlines indeed offer tickets at a more affordable cost than star-rated airlines. However, once you set foot onboard, you soon realize the expenses are not quite over. I am sharing with you 3 tips from my personal experience. Basically, these are 3 ways I could very well have saved money myself, but the wisdom often comes too late.

  1. Pre-book meals


If you think the flight is only going to last two hours and you’re unlikely to feel hungry in the air, I suggest you think again. When I was purchasing my ticket online, I was given the option of adding a meal at a value pack price. Assuming that I’ll just grab dinner when I reach my destination, I did the blunder of not going for that deal. And while onboard, I ended up paying almost twice that amount for a coffee and a few chicken nuggets. I guess the barbecue nugget sauce makes everything better, though. Does it? NO. So, just pre-book a meal. In the midst of boredom, any normal human being gets hungry.

  1. Maximize on hand baggage


Generally, airlines allow about 7kgs for hand baggage onboard and between 20-40kgs for checked luggage. Budget airlines, however, offer you a range of luggage weight to choose from. Obviously, you pay a higher price for more weight. If you’re traveling to a foreign location for a few days or even a week, you’re probably not going to require more than just a few kilos. You’ve got to be realistic. Instead of purchasing checked luggage weight, maximize on your hand baggage. Get a backpack or a small suitcase that can wholly fit 7kgs, not even 0.1kg less. And for heaven’s sake, carry a laptop bag! Laptop bags are the only luggage bags that are not weighed in most airports worldwide. Stuff in a few more things while you’re at it. But don’t overdo it!

  1. Don’t pay for the seat


On most budget airlines online booking page, you are required to select your preferred seat. Of course, it costs a few bucks and some seats are pricier than others. But personally, I’ve stopped paying for airplane seats years ago. Here’s what happens when you follow in my footsteps: A seat is automatically assigned to you upon check-in. Yes, it’s as simple as that. After all, they cannot possibly ask you to stand throughout the flight, neither can they deny you access to the plane after you’ve purchased the ticket. Does your light bulb flash now? I bet it does!

When luck strikes…

Even though I didn’t select any seat for my last flight, I ended up in one of the best seats. A ‘hot seat’ was automatically assigned to me at check-in. This also means that I was among the first few ‘priority boarding’ passengers to enter the plane. How cool is that? I guess, saving money always pays off, right? Well, enough about me. Try out these 3 money-saving tricks and let me know how it goes for you in a comment below. Bon voyage!